CSA Staples: Stir Fry

With all of the bok choy we’ve been getting with our shares, stir fry is a natural choice.  This is another great “throw everything in there” dish that can be customized to your taste and what you got in your share.  Here’s our non-gourmet easy version.

First, start the rice, as that will inevitably take longer than stir frying the vegetables and I can’t count how many times we’ve finished the veggies and had to sit staring at our rice cooker waiting for it to finish.  Also, chop up all of the vegetables you want to use ahead of time, as the cooking goes fast.  Just make them bite sized.

Heat some peanut oil in a wok or large frying pan (other oils work too, just don’t use olive oil because it burns at too low of a heat).  Start by adding your onion-y items, some garlic, maybe a little ginger if you have it.  Then, add the other vegetables from longest cooking time to shortest (for example, carrots first, then summer squash, then bok choy).  The trick with stir fry is to cook hot and fast, so don’t be afraid of the heat!  We often add tofu just by cutting it up into bite sized cubes and throwing it in toward the end.  Once everything is pretty much done, add some stir fry sauce until its the consistency you like (we use store bought, because we are lazy).  Serve over rice.