News from Windflower Farm: Zucchini Fritters

CSA Delivery 10, August 10, 2010.

This week you’ll be getting sweet corn or beans, depending on your site, along with beefsteak and cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuces, potatoes, and your choice of squashes or cucumbers, Yukina Savoy or bok choy, and radishes or turnips.

Save the date: our open house on the farm is the weekend of August 28-29.  Details will come soon.

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From Saveur Magazine

1 lb zucchini, grated; 2 tsp kosher salt; ½ cup minced flat-leaf parsley; ½ cup grated Romano cheese; ½ cup dried bread crumbs; 1 medium yellow onion, grated; 1 egg, beaten; freshly ground black pepper, to taste; a pinch of cayenne, to taste; olive oil, for frying

Mix zucchini and salt in the strainer, set a weighted plate on top, let drain for 30 minutes.  Transfer zucchini to a tea towel; squeeze out the liquid.  Mix zucchini, parsley, cheese, bread crumbs, and egg in a bowl.  Season with pepper and cayenne; divide mixture into 12 balls.  Press balls into ¼-inch thick patties.

Pour oil into a 4-quart pot to a depth of 2 inches.  Heat over medium-high heat until a deep-fry thermometer reads 315 degrees.  Working in two batches, fry the patties until browned and crisp, 5-6 minutes.  Use a slotted spoon to transfer the fritters to paper towels.  Serve hot or at room temperature.  Serves four.