Make Your Own Salsa

Salsa is an awesome CSA recipe, because you can easily customize it to your tastes and the produce in a particular week’s share.  Here’s what I do to give you an idea, but you can add, subtract, and substitute to your heart’s content.

Fresh Salsa

Two or three large tomatoes
One onion
One ear of corn
One jalapeno or other chili, whatever you have around
One cup black beans
Handful of cilantro

Chop the tomatoes.  If you seed them ahead of time, you’ll help keep the salsa from getting too watery.  Of course, we never do this, so we end up using a strainer once we have everything chopped.  Do whatever you like.

Chop the onion on the small side and throw it in with the tomatoes.  Wearing gloves to prevent the weird skin-tingling thing that can happen, seed and chop the chilies as small as you can and add them to the mix.

If you have really good fresh sweet corn, don’t bother cooking it.  Just cut the kernels off the cob and throw them in.

Add a cup of black beans if you like, either rinsed canned beans or cooked dried beans.

To finish, chop up a handful of cilantro.  Taste the salsa to see if it needs salt, then dig in!