PHCSA Newsletter: Week 5

Prospect Heights CSA Newsletter

Week 5 – July 9, 2014

In this issue:

  • Pickup #5 Information
  • The Weekly Challenge — Using It All
  • Tip of the Week
  • Announcements
  • News from Ted

Important Dates:

July 12
Lewis Waite Orders due

July 17
Pickup #6

August 23-24
Windflower Farm Trip

This Week’s Pickup: Week A

Thursday July 10, 4:30p -7:30p
See newsletter for location.
We expect:
vegetables | fruit | eggs | dairy shares

REMEMBER:  If you are a B week share member who paid for a pasta or flower share, you will need to come and get your delivery this week, or else it will be donated at the end of the shift to the food pantry…

Windflower Farm Trip – Save the Date
August 23-24, 2014

Watch the newsletter for additional details and ride sharing information.

Weekly Challenge – How to Use it All…

Steamed broccoli for dipping in hummos.
Cold cucumber/zucchini soup.
Cut up cukes and zukes; sauté 1 onion with garlic scapes; add veggies and water to cover, season, boil about 10 min. or until veggies look cooked.  Let cool, puree, and for the wicked, add a little cream or yogurt. Chill overnight.  Garnish with thinly sliced cukes, scallions and chopped dill.
One pot mujadara (lentils, rice and leeks), garnishing with shredded chard and kale.
Lettuce salad with sliced turnips, herbs of your choice, sliced hardboiled eggs, capers and slivered almonds.
Strawberry shortcake (cheaters use Bisquick)

Tip of the Week

Tomato season is almost upon us, so here is a tip to get ready for those lovely (delicate) treats:  Don’t throw away (or recycle) those clear plastic containers that the grocery stores package cherry tomatoes, berries, etc. in – Bring them to the pickup site and reuse them, filled your your delicate produce.   You’ll have fewer split tomatoes or smashed berries when you unpack your late summer share in your kitchen.

Pictured below: CSA strawberries carried home in plastic containers.


Food Allies, a Prospect Heights/Crown Heights neighborhood group “formed in response to a genuine community interest in improving food, health & quality of life in our neighborhood” is pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Prospect Heights/Crown Heights Health & Harvest Fair will take place on Saturday October 3rd. The Fair will take place during the day on Underhill Avenue between Sterling and St. John and will feature a diverse and fun array of resources, demonstrations and activities highlighting the many options for accessible good food and healthy living in our community.
All interested in being a part of planning the Fair are welcome to join our next meeting on Wednesday July 30 at 6:30 at Duryea Church at 362 Sterling Place, in the basement (entrance on Sterling). Please spread the word!

News from Ted at Windflower Farm

This week’s share:
·       Broccoli
·       Hakurei Turnips or green kohlrabi
·       Swiss Chard
·       Kale (Red Russian or Dinosaur)
·       Dill or cilantro
·       Lettuce
·       Cucumbers
·       Squashes
·       Scallions

Fruit shareholders will be getting Yonder Farm’s strawberries. I hope it hasn’t been too many. With cherries a bust, it’s difficult to conjure an alternative. The season will be over soon, and blueberries will be coming along in their place. We have frozen some of our strawberries. We simply cut off the stems, slip them into a zip lock bag and place them in the freezer. They can then be run thru a blender and combined with a favorite beverage (or yogurt or ice cream) for a treat when strawberry season is a distant memory.

This week’s flowers will include sunflower and snapdragon.

Our cucumbers and squashes have taken off because of the sun and heat of the past two weeks. We’ve added a number of new varieties of cucumbers in the search for a long, slender, seedless type that tastes good and yields well. Most of them are yielding well. Feel free to offer any feedback. The broccoli we’ll send this week is also a new variety. It’s called ‘Imperial.’ It seems to me to come without the bitterness of some summer broccolis. What do you think?

Next week, we’ll send our first onions – a white cippolini called ‘Bianca,’ bunched red beets and collards. We’ll also be sending cucumbers, zucchinis, various greens, and your choice of dill or cilantro. Our tomatoes are beginning to turn color, our peppers are sizing up, our new potatoes are nearly ready for digging, and Rich Moses tells me the sweet corn is filling out. Summer has arrived in the upper Hudson Valley.

Have a great week, Ted