PHCSA Newsletter: Week 8

Prospect Heights CSA Newsletter

Week 8 – July 30, 2014

In this issue:

  • Pickup #8 Information
  • Reserve Your Spot for the Windflower Farm Trip
  • The Weekly Challenge — Using It All
  • A la carte Dairy Orders
  • News from Ted

Important Dates:

August 4
A la carte dairy order due

August 7
Pickup #9

August 11
Deadline to reserve space
for Windflower Farm Trip

August 23-24
Windflower Farm Trip

This Week’s Pickup: Week B

Thursday July 31, 4:30p -7:30p
See emailed newsletter for location.
We expect:
vegetables | fruit | eggs | dairy shares
Lewis Waite bread and a la carte

REMEMBER:  If you are an A week share member who paid for a Lewis Waite bread order or a flower share, you will need to come and get your delivery this week, or else your order will be donated at the end of the shift to the food pantry…

Reserve Now for the Windflower Farm Trip

The weekend of AUGUST 23-24!

Please RSVP to Johanna Thomsen at no later than Monday, August 11th with the following information:
Number of People Attending:
Driving: Y/N
Need Ride: Y/N
Willing to Drive: Y/N
Camping at Windflower: Y/N
For those needing a ride, please note that we will depart from the St. Marks entrance to PS9 (near Underhill)  at 8:30am on Saturday, and will charge $20/person to help offset some of the expenses.  We will either have one or two departures on Sunday depending on the amount of people and number of vehicles.
Upon arrival on Saturday, everyone will be able to set up tents, tour the farm, and meet the crew and other CSA members before all sharing in a big (delicious) potluck supper followed by lawn games, a bonfire, and other delightful farm activities.  Please bring something to share, and be aware that there is limited stove space in the Blomgren home, so everything should be pre-cooked.
Sunday breakfast is provided by the Blomgrens and Windflower crew.  The day will also include many options of early afternoon activities such as the Washington County Fair, a wine tasting at a local vineyard, or swimming in the Battenkill River.
For those who do not wish to camp on the farm, Johanna can provide a list of local hotels and bed & breakfasts, so include that request in your email to her.  For those bringing a tent, please be aware that there is clean drinking water available in the packing shed for water bottles, hand washing, tooth brushing, etc. but there are no showers.  There will also be 2 very clean outhouses just a quick walk from the main camping field.
Please feel free to e-mail Johanna with any questions you may have, and reserve your spot ASAP as RSVP’s will determine how many vehicles and drivers are needed for the weekend.  More details will follow in the next 2 weeks.

Weekly Challenge – How to Use it All…

Welcome tomatoes!

Oh yes, they are coming in ever larger numbers and in all those fabulous varieties. What to do, what to do?  Here are some great ideas:

Panzanella salad (uses a cucumber, too!)
Sliced tomatoes with roquefort cheese and olive oil
Anything tomatoes from 101 Cookbooks

More beets and cabbage?

And for those who still haven’t gotten around to using their beets and cabbage, here are some easy suggestions:
Pickled beets

Cabbage Slaw with Fruit (perhaps those blueberries?)

A la Carte Dairy Orders for Specialty Products

In addition to regular dairy share items, Milk Not Jails offers greek and flavored yogurts, kefir, cheese and more from the seven family farms they serve.  You can place your order here.  The deadline is August 4th at 8pm and your farm-fresh dairy order will be delivered for  pick-up on August 14th.

This year, MNJ have added some Catskill creameries that make beautiful cheeses and ferments you cannot find anywhere else in NYC! And this month they have some new items from Tonjes Dairy. They will be adding more items throughout the season, so please let them know what you are hungry for and they will work with the dairy farmer network to find it!

You may email MNJ directly with questions or requests at milknotjails@gmail.comor you can call them at (917) 719-6455.

News from Ted at Windflower Farm

This week’s share:
·       Tomatoes
·       Lettuce
·       Sweet Peppers
·       Bok Choy, Purple Kale or Yukina Savoy
·       Cabbage
·       Cucumbers
·       Squashes
·       Sweet Yellow Onions
·       Sweet Corn or Snap Beans

Fruit shareholders will be getting Yonder Farm’s peaches (Tuesday) and blueberries (Thursday).

Save the date: The annual Open House at Windflower Farm will be held on the weekend of August 23-24. Details to come.

My oldest son, a young hired man, and I have begun building a small equipment barn – a shed, really – and my nephews have come to work with us. Their dad was raised on a dairy farm, but they’re suburban kids. They are twins, and they are headed off to college this fall where they will both study engineering. A small barn seemed like a good starter project. We poured the footings late last week, and will erect the posts and girts this week or next. If all goes according to plan, we’ll have the building completed before our open house next month, which would be great because putting our equipment and supplies inside would really improve the look of the place.

Here’s a list of other things we’d like to accomplish this week. Weed the fall beets and carrots; weed the pathways between the peppers, chiles, eggplants and squash beds; harvest the garlic and the early onions; finish trellising the grapes; mow the paths between the blueberries; mow down the old strawberry foliage and the weedy edges of all the fields; irrigate the crops grown on mulch; field-seed greens and French Breakfast and Watermelon radishes; and, of course, harvest, wash and deliver this week’s vegetables and cut flowers.

Have a great week, Ted