PHCSA Newsletter: Week 18

Prospect Heights CSA Newsletter

Week 18 – October 8, 2014

In this issue:

  • Pickup #18 Information
  • Meet Qiana Mickie of Just Food at Pickup Site
  • Volunteer Opportunity – Join the Core Group
  • The Weekly Challenge — Using It All
  • No News from Ted

Important Dates:

October 9 7:30P

October 17
Pickup #19

This Week’s Pickup: Week B

Thursday October 9, 4:30p -7:30p

PS9 Cafeteria
80 Underhill Ave
enter on St Marks next to the playground
We expect:
vegetables | fruit | eggs | dairy shares
Lewis Waite Mystery Boxes, bread and a la carte

REMEMBER:  If you are an A week share member who paid for a Lewis Waite order or a pasta share, you will need to come and get your delivery this week, or else your order will be donated at the end of the shift to the food pantry…

Come meet Just Food representative, Qiana Mickie, at this week’s pickup.  Ask her all your burning questions about Just Food’s great work, or just chat to let her know you care.

Volunteer Opportunity – Join the Core Group

Are you curious about how our CSA runs?  Do you have ideas for how to make it work better or differently?  Do you want more of a connection to other members?  Core group meetings are infrequent, but they are a stunning exercise of participatory democracy in action.

Drop into the next meeting after this week’s pick up – Thursday October 9 at 7:30 p.m. and give it a try.  No commitment necessary, just check it out to see if you might want to become more involved next season.  Email for the address.

Weekly Challenge – How to Use it All…

Check out the lovely photo of beet chips at the top of this newsletter posted by one of our members. Yum!  And it turns out that you can make fabulous roasteddelicata squash chips in much the same way you can make eggplant chips (Newsletter last week).  For those wanting more complex challenges, the New York Times has a great new app for iPad that lets you search through their vast list of recipes by ingredient.  Who’s been using it to brainstorm about the weekly challenge?

News from Ted at Windflower Farm

No news from Ted this week, sorry!