About the Core Group

The Core Group is composed of members of the CSA who volunteer their time year-round to run the CSA, working with our farmers, recruiting members, running the distribution site, maintaining records and accounting, managing member work shifts, writing the newsletter, performing community outreach, etc. Core Group members often focus their efforts on a specific area or task, but there are at-large members as well, whose contributions vary. Get to know the current Core Group in their bios below that touch on their involvement in and passion for the CSA. If you’re interested in joining the Core Group, please email us for further information.

AndrewAndrew Schulz, Core Group Coordinator
Joined CSA: 2012; Joined Core Group: 2017
Favorite Veggie: Farmer Ted’s Corn
Favorite Part of the CSA season: The heart of summer when we have corn and tomatoes for weeks

I have lived in NYC for 12 years and have been in Prospect Heights for 9 of them! I have my own dog walking company and spend my days walking around the neighborhoods of Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, and Park Slope with various puppy dogs at my side. It’s a hard life but somebody’s gotta do it! I’m a board and card game addict, love exploring different types of wine, seeing as much Broadway theater as I can, and watching the golden age of soap operas that exist on YouTube.

I joined the Core Group for the upcoming 2017 season as the Coordinator. I’m very passionate about the CSA and am happy to spend time each year helping to make sure that everything runs smoothly for all our members.

April HopeApril Hope, Second Shift Coordinator
Joined CSA: 2010; Joined Core Group: 2014
Favorite CSA Item: Strawberries, Herb pots
Favorite part of the CSA season: Meeting members (and their kids) when they show up for work shifts

I’m a travel writer and mostly focus on budget travel (but at times I work as a hair model, a poll worker, a babysitter, and a paid audience extra for shows like The People’s Court). I’ve stayed in a cave on a mountain with rastafarians in Jamaica, I was in a Bollywood film in India, slept under a tent with Bedouin gypsies at the base of the mountain where Moses got the 10 Commandments in Egypt, and I once stumbled into a juju (voodoo) market in Nigeria. I’ve lived in many countries, but I love coming back home every year to my tiny apartment with a huge backyard that I recently transformed into my own secret garden.

I enjoy eating healthy and taking care of my body now, and I love having the opportunity to be a part of the CSA and meeting like-minded people.

When not procrastinating about a writing assignment, I’m teaching a writing workshop, working on my website, a global travel community for people in long distance relationships, making jewelry, playing with my dog, or creating a costume for one of the many annual events I love going to, like The Coney Island Mermaid Parade or The Cloisters Medieval Faire.

Elizabeth Solomon, At-Large Member & Board of Directors
Joined CSA: 2005 or 2006; Joined Core Group: 2007
Favorite veggie: arugula
Favorite part of the CSA season: late summer corn craze

I am a nutritionist with the New York City Health Department and manage nutrition education for young children and their parents and teachers. I love food, cooking, and local produce and have been involved to varying degrees as a core member since 2007. I am also on the board of directors of the CSA.

Joanna Shaw Flamm, Extras Coordinator
Joined CSA: 2008; Joined Core Group: 2010
Favorite part of the CSA season: I love the first pickup (seeing those first fresh foods of the season is so exciting!) and I love the farm trip, where we get to connect with the farmers who grow our food and the land it comes from.

I’m a performer and teaching artist originally from Minnesota. I got involved with the CSA after a friend ran one back home, and I love the way it’s introduced me to my neighbors. I joined the Core Group after my first trip to Windflower Farm, and I feel very lucky to have formed friendships with the people who grow our fabulous veggies. As the Extras Coordinator, I’m the main connection between our CSA and the farms and producers we work with in addition to Windflower Farm (Lewis Waite Farm and Davis Family Maple).

JohannaT2014phcsaJohanna Thomsen, Farm Liaison & Board of Directors
Joined CSA: 2009; Joined Core Group: 2009
Favorite veggies: Nothing beats a Windflower tomato, and when we get ground cherries from Ted my heart skips a beat.
Favorite part of the CSA season: I love the peak when we’re all stumbling out onto St. Marks under the weight of multiple bags of amazing veggies.

I am an urban herbalist with a background in dance and personal training, working in arts marketing. Windflower Farm is one of my favorite places on earth, and I try to visit often throughout the year. It’s an honor to be a part of this amazing Core Group, and I look forward to another wonderfully successful season with all of you!

Meret Lenzlinger, Board President & Treasurer
Joined CSA: 2007; Joined Core Group: 2007
Favorite part of the CSA season: The first few pick-ups, when all the hard work from the pre-season is paying off! Garlic scapes are the emblem of that start for me. Plus, they look funny.

I am an architect and professor, originally from Switzerland. Growing up, I lived in a small town where you knew your butcher, chose your head of lettuce while it was still planted in the ground at “the gardener’s”, and picked up the warm milk from the town dairy, minutes after it was delivered by the local farmers, many of them parents of my school mates. Joining the CSA brought back to me a bit of that connection to farm and community.

SelinaSelina Rutovitz, Newsletter Coordinator
Joined CSA: 2016; Joined Core Group: 2016
Favorite veggies: tomatoes, corn
Favorite part of the season: Abundance of greens

I joined the core group after the Windflower farm trip last year, which was such an amazing window into what it takes to produce all the delicious veggies we get to enjoy back in Brooklyn. (And just a really fun time). My background is in Fine arts and Photography, but I work in Brand Design so thought that I could be most helpful in creating the weekly newsletters. Also, who doesn’t want to learn Mailchimp? I’m definitely learning the ropes so welcome suggestions, recipes, photo’s or other submissions that could be included in the weekly newsletter.

Tamar Kornblum, Membership Coordinator
Joined CSA: 2010; Joined Core Group: 2010

I’m a tech geek who loves sunshine, working with people, cooking, and eating great food. Getting involved with the CSA was a no-brainer! I joined the PHCSA in 2010, soon started attending Core meetings as a member-at-large, and now manage all things related to sign-ups and membership record keeping. Outside of CSA work and tending to my fire-escape garden, I have worked in cognitive psychology research, at Apple, and am now pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at CUNY-Brooklyn College.

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