Ready to order?

Once you have received a spot in the CSA, we’ll email you a link to our online order form. Here’s a rundown of the information you’ll need and the choices you’ll need to make.


  • Contact info

  • Income level

    Our goal is to make fresh, local vegetables available to members of the community at all income levels. In order to make this happen, we offer membership at three price points. Please pick the price point that best fits your household. If you are interested in joining but the lower price point is prohibitive, we have limited financial aid available. Email us at

  • Vegetable share

    Choose between Full (pick up every week for 22 weeks) or Half (pick up every other week for a total of 11 pick ups). View our “what we offer” section for examples of the size of a weekly haul.

  • Agree to our membership terms


  • Fruit

    Full shares are every week for 20 weeks, half shares are every other week for a total of 10 weeks.

  • Flowers

    10 weekly deliveries.

  • Eggs

    The Brownell family at Joint Venture Farm.
    You can order weekly or bi-weekly pickup.  If you have a veggie half-share, we will match bi-weekly orders to your veggie pickup schedule. Otherwise it will be randomly assigned.

  • Maple

    Davis Family Maple is happy to bring you delicious maple products from their sugarbush in Cambridge, NY. They started out tapping a few trees with the kids in 2002, gradually expanded, and are now using tubing systems and some buckets for sap collection. The maple share will consist of six deliveries.

  • Lewis Waite Mystery Boxes

    Click the link above to see details and the flyer for the following shares:
    –  Monthly shares: The Carnivore, The Vegetarian, The Omnivore, The Cheese Lover, The Challenger
    –  Biweekly share: The Bread Lover


  • Donation

    Please consider making a donation to the CSA to support our financial aid program and events at PS9.

  • Deposit

    If you are a returning member who has put down a deposit, enter the code that was emailed to you for a $25 credit

  • Payment options

    You can pay in full via PayPal or check now, or in 3 equal installments (due April 15, May 15, and June 15) via check only. Please see our Payment page to pay via PayPal. If you are unable to use PayPal, please contact our treasurer to make alternate arrangements.