Davis Family Maple is happy to bring you delicious maple products from their sugarbush in Cambridge, NY. They started out tapping a few trees with the kids in 2002, gradually expanded, and are now using tubing systems and some buckets for sap collection.

In the spring, when nights are freezing and days above freezing, the sap begins to flow. The maples are tapped, and the sap is extracted from the trees and boiled down into delicious maple syrup. Approximately 40 gal. of sap are required to make one gal. of maple syrup! Later in the season, they use the maple syrup to create delicious maple cream, sugar, candy, brittle and nuts to share with you! They hope you enjoy their ‘liquid gold’ and the treats they craft from it! Learn more about what you’ll receive in the maple share below.

The maple share will consist of six deliveries. In the past, they have included:

  • 2 Pints of Syrup (bookends for the share – delivery #1 and delivery #6)
  • 1# of Maple Cream
  • 1# Granulated Maple Sugar
  • 8-12 oz of Maple Candy
  • 8 oz of Maple peanut brittle with Small bag of Maple coated nuts